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CIS is a strategic IT business consulting agency operating since 2017 to help companies achieve business success. 

We have helped more than 500 companies and global brands take a solid standing on the market.


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Course Outline

Section1 - Introduction

Introduction to Bitrix24
Course Overview
Getting Started - Section Intro
Bitrix interface
Bitrix general configuration
Company structure & adding employees
Changing user password
Creating Bitrix knowledge base

SectioN 2 - Task Management
Introduction to Task Management
Basic Task & Interface
Managing SubTasks & task dates
Working with Tasks
Task template & recurring tasks
Searching tasks
Different View of Tasks
Task Automation - Planner view
Task Automation by status
Task reporting
Section 3 - Drive & Calendar

Introduction to Bitrix Drive & Calendar
My Drive
Company Drive, document versioning & View edit employee drive
Bitrix Calendar basics
Sync drive locally & document locking
Bitrix development application
Drive configuration for self hosted users
Detailed events & event repetition
Link Bitrix calendar to Mac Calendar
Link Bitrix calendar to Outlook on windows

Section 4 - Workgroups / Project Management

Introduction to workgroups
Project management - Part 1
Using the kanban views
Kanban viwe task automation
Drive & calendat in workgroups
Project collaboration
Project reporting

Section 5 - Bitrix CRM Basics

Introduction to Bitrix24 CRM
CRM concepts
Understanding the basic structure of Bitrix CRM

Section 6  - Leads in Bitrix CRM

Configure the lead status, source & currency
Custom fields in lead form & common form view
Custom CRM fields
Custom views
Editing fields in Kanban view
Working with leads as a Sales Person
Observers & Responsible person
Invite to Chat and filter leads activity
Link email to Bitrix & email to leads automation
Leads automation - Part 1
Leads automation - Part 2
Leads report
Importing & Exporting Leads
FAQ - transfer leads to another person
FAQ - Make fields mandatory
FAQ - Client fields in leads form

Section 7- Deals in Bitrix CRM
Converting leads in to deals
deals - Basic configuration
Managing deals
Deals pipeline
Sales funnel & tunnels
Book a resource
Document generation
FAQ- Permission for document generation
Deal automation - Part 1
Deal automation - Part 2
Importing & exporting deals
Order of importing deals
Deal reports
CRM Mode
Linking products to deals
Creating Custom product fields
FAQ- Perform calculations on fields
Section 7- Deals in Bitrix CRM
Contact & Companies
Importing companies
Import - export contacts
Duplicate control in contact and companies
Section 9  - Quotations & Invoices in CRM

Quatations & Tax setup
Creating the quotations
Generating quotation documents
FAQ - CRM email templates
Invoices in Bitrix
View generated quotes, invoices for a company

Section 10  - CRM Permission Management ( Plan specific )

Permission management basics
Permission for sales director & accountant
Sales executive permission
FAQ - Enable CRM for users

Section 11   - CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations introductions
Using webforms
Resource booking form
Creating an Open Channel
Live Chat button on website
SMS integration with Twillo
Facebook and Instagram integration

Section 12  - Workflows / Business Process Automation
Introduction to workflows
Types of business processes
Leave approval - part 1
Leave approval - part 2
Document approval using status driven business process
CRM business process - commission request
Auto run business process in CRM - Assigning leads by value
Business process in CRM automation - Send email for training
Section 13   - Bitrix Sites
Bitrix sites basics
Modify page layout
Multi page website and CRM forms
Site settings
Custom website domain name
Section 14   - Bitrix Development
Webhooks and REST API introduction
Outbound webhooks
Inboud webhooks
Using the REST API
Section 15    - Email marketing,Time & reports

CRM email marketing
FAQ - Email sent from Self hosted no lining the images
Time & Report
FAQ - Self hosted users -

Section 16    - CoPilot, your personal assistant with AI

CoPilot in Feed
CoPilot in Tasks
CoPilot chat
CoPilot in CRM

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